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2015 Latest Manual LCD Separator Machine /Seperator to Repair /Split /Separate Glass Touch Screen Digitizer for iPhone,Samsung..

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2015 Latest Manual LCD Separator Machine /Seperator to Repair /Split /Separate Glass Touch Screen Digitizer for iPhone,Samsung..


We will Teach you how to refurbish LCD (broken glass) with our LCD Separator and accersories.

The package is really high performance-price ratio. This set of economical machine and accessories are suitable for cellphone repair shop. We would let you master the latest cellphone mirror glass refurbishing skill rather than buying one commodity only.With the machine and accessories,you can do it easily and make money.

Demo Video : if you want to watch, just contact us.


Brief Introduction of Screen separator:

The LCD Screen Separator is used for separating glass lens,touch screen and LCD display assembly of Apple,Samsung,HTC as well as other cell phones.

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Advantage of this LCD Touch Screen Separator:

1. The LCD separator equip with wing nuts. It's more convient to adujust the size of different LCD assembly;

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2. The LCD separator equip with anti-slip mounting seats. It's make your work smoothly and decress the opptunity of damaging LCD assembly.

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Comparision of Different of LCD separator:

The new machine which  is updated with metal shell, have longer life than the bakelite machine and heating plate machine.

 LCD Repair Kits

Full set of LCD separator include: 

 1. 1pc LCD separator (4 Kg)

The machine is mainly used for constant-temperature heating to separate glass lens from the lcd digitizer touch of Samsung series (such as galaxy i9500,i9300),iPhone 4/4s/5 and Htc.

2.   13   pcs molds ,the molds are used for cleaning the glue and solidifing UV Glue easily, assembling screen precisely.

1x iPhone4/4s,

1x iPhone 5/5c/5s,

1x iPhone 6 4.7 inch, 

1x iPhone 6 plus 5.5 inch, 

1x Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300,

1x Samsung S4 i9500, 

1x Samsung Note2 N7100, 

1x Samsung i9220, 

1x Samsung S5,

1x Samsung i9100, 

1x Samsung mini i9300, 

1x Samsung mini i9500,

1x Samsung Note 3 N9000

3. 3pc Cutting separate wire and one pair of Metal handles;
It's used for cutting the glass lens when heating. It's more convient with cutting line handles.

4. 1pc UV Lamp (0.5 Kg);
It's used for drying the UV Glue LOCA quickly.

5. 1pc UV LOCA, 1pc LOCA gun and 4 pcs different size nozzles;
The Loca is used for sticking glass and touch screen. LOCA gun will make your work more easily and conviently.

6. 1 bag of Non-Dust cloth;
It's used for cleaning the screen.

7. 2 pcs liquid for removing residual glue;

8. 1pc electric sodering iron glue remover with 5 pcs of blades;
When removing glue with the tool, since the temperature is high, Do it quickly and carefully. To avoid damaging LCD,Don't touch LCD screen heavily and hold too long. 

9. 1pc empty plastic bottle;
It's used for holding solvent to remove residual adhesive on the touch screen, such as alcohol or acetone and other solvent. It will make your removing work more conviently.


10. 12 pcs of glass lens;
2 pcs iPhone 4/4s, 2 pcs iPhone 5, 2 pcs i9300, 2 pcs i9500 glass, 2 pcs N7100, 2 pcs i9220.


11. 1 set of 15 in 1 repair tool;
With the tool, you can work easily.

12. 1 piece of B-7000 multifunction glue;

13. 1pc Instruction Video for operation (Subtitle is in English);
The video show you the whole process from separating the glass lens to restoring the LCD Assembly. After some pratices, you will master the skill.

14. 1 Piece of handle roller.


1. There are some risk of damaging touch screen or LCD. When you are a new beginer, you'd betterpractise your skill with some damaged LCD assembly. After mastering the skill, you can refurbish the LCD Asembly. Please practise your skill patiently and carefully. The success rate depend on your skill.

2. General speaking, it's more easier to refubish original LCD assembly, and it's more difficult to refurbish high copy LCD assembly. If you need, we can supply high quality original cell phone parts;

3. The instruction video is only for reference. You can share your experence with us.
4. To save your money and safely ship, we suggest that you can get UV Glue LOCA from local market. If you need from us, please visit our store and you can get it;

5. If you need various of molds, please visit our store and you can get them.  


Like the current main stream cell phones, Apple, Samsung and HTC,many new cell phones are made of display assembly. Since glass lens, touch screen and LCD are connected together, it is hard to separate cracked or broken screen by hand if happened.Always you have to take it to Depot for repairing. The cost is high and the time is long. Or you need purchase expensive equipment package, including separate machines, SMT machines,laminating machine and bubble removing machine.

But now you can handle it easily. We have developed the machine and skills, it is unnecessary to buy expensive equipments and wide space for general repair shops. After mastering the skills, you can replace an old screen within 30 minutes and it looks like a new one.

Now have one, and we are sure you can make money.

100% separate glass lens, touch screen, LCD and replace old, broken, cracked, damaged, faulty glass lens under correct operati

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LCD Repair KitsLCD Repair KitsLCD Repair Kits

LCD Repair Kits

 LCD Repair Kits

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